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Трудоустройство людей с инвалидностью: проблемы, пути решения

Круглый стол-Барань

On October 30, within the framework of the project “Way to Success” of Baran city organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, a round table “Creation of job places for people with disabilities” was held.

The aim of the activity: to inform the community about the work of social enterprise UE “Baran Arabesques” which is included into the structure of public associations of people with disabilities; discussion of the general situation on issues of social adaptation and employment of people with disabilities in the region.


Круглый стол-Барань

30 октября в рамках проекта «Путь к успеху» Бараньской городской организации ОО “БелАПДИиМИ” состоялся Круглый стол “Создание рабочих мест для людей с инвалидностью”.
Цель мероприятия: информировать сообщество о работе социального предприятия УП «Бараньские Арабески», входящего в структуру общественных объединений инвалидов; обсуждение общей ситуации по вопросам социальной адаптации и трудоустройства инвалидов в регионе.

Читать далееThe meeting was attended by: representatives of the executive authorities, state institutions, specialists of the employment service of Orsha District Executive Committee, specialists of the Territorial Social Services Center, administrators and employees of the unitary enterprise, active of the public organization:

The following issues were on the table:

 creation of job places and barriers in the process of employment of people with disabilities;

 work activity of people with disabilities;

 attitude of employers to workers with disabilities;

 creation of special conditions for this category of citizens;

 discussion of the prospects of future joint activities aimed at social adaptation and employment of people with disabilities;

 dissemination of the work experience of  unitary enterprise among other organizations working in the social sphere.

The working meeting was opened by the director of UE “Baran Arabesques” Lyudmila Frantova who told the gathered audience about the work of the social enterprise, about creation of new job places for young people with disabilities. The main activity of the enterprise is sewing. Linen decorative bags, kitchen sets, souvenir sewing products are sewed at the enterprise, and under the order – bags for promo actions for various foundations, commercial structures and public associations.

New equipment acquired within the framework of the project allows to make decorative embroidery and stitches for trimming products, set pulleys and rings, buttons – metal accessories.

It certainly influences the quality of products. During four years of activity of the enterprise 13 people got working adapting on it. Young people got their first employment records, earned seniority. Three people could find employment on the open labor market. Now 6 people with disabilities work on the enterprise.

All participants of the round table could also get the most complete information on the activity of Baran NGO, and on assistance of the organization in the process of creation job places for young people with disabilities.

During discussions the opportunity of making proposals on development of intersectoral cooperation in solving social problems of the community was given to the audience.

If to talk about measures that could remove barriers on the way to employment of people with disabilities and to increase interest of people with disabilities in employment, it is:

 the need to improve the procedure of passing the examination by people with disabilities in  establishments of health and social expertise, in particular, to establish a simplified procedure for obtaining or clarification recommendations on the available working conditions.

 issues of organization of home employment for people with disabilities,

Participants agreed that in order to provide effective assistance to people with disabilities, to expand and improve the quality of provided services, it is necessary to expand and strengthen cooperation between the executive authority, public organizations and state institutions.

For participants of the round table, improvised exhibition of decorative linen products was prepared as well as a new product catalog of the enterprise was introduced which was appreciated by all participants.

Work is an integral part of life of every person. And work gives an opportunity of self-affirmation, social recognition and full life in society to people with special needs. And overcoming social barriers standing on the way of employment of people with disabilities becomes not only an actual task of the state, but also all community as a whole.


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