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Оздоровление в SOS-детской деревне

20160729_101907From July 15 to August 2, 2016, 2 large families of PO «BelAPDIiMI» of Moscow district of MCO NGO “BelAPDIiMI” were on recovery in SOS-children’s village which is situated in the village Borovljany of Minsk district. And mothers, and children, liked the rest very much, although the first few days were rainy and cold!

Administration of SOS-Children’s Village allocates mothers money by parts for products and mothers can buy necessary products themselves in local shops and prepare favorite meals of their children. It is even possible to order delivery of products from Evroopt, but unfortunately there was no internet in the house. Sometimes relatives from Minsk brought us the products (it was cheaper). But we had to give the administration all sales receipts for necessary amount.

During recovery all received vitamins every day, and the children also received juices. We also were given vegetables and allocated good humanitarian aid.

We were offered different interesting activities and trips (free and not expensive tickets) in order children were not bored. So we watched a good program in the circus (one ticket cost only 3 rubles). We came for free to Museum of aviation engineering which is situated in Borovaya.

Both adults and children were delighted to look very close at a lot of airplanes of different times. There was an open airplane and a helicopter where it was possible to climb without any problems and feel like a pilot!

A social pedagogue-psychologist visited us four times a week. She was engaged in doing crafts with children, intellectual games. Also a volunteer Kanikey was with us. Every day in the evening she played with children in different sports games and not only this.


We all were able to check the radiation level. Five children living in Minsk have the radiation level much higher than children living in Gomel — the Chernobyl zone. Representatives of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Belarus visited us and carried out a lecture about radiation. They gave children with high radiation level additional vitamins.

Each living room has a wash basin, a separate water closet and a shower. It was very convenient as 7-8 people lived on each of the 2 floors of our cozy house.


According to conditions of recovery we had to cook and clean ourselves. The first days a little strained us – mothers that the two families had to get along in a small kitchen. But we with Tatiana have known each other during a long time (second mother) and very quickly found a golden middle in cleaning and cooking.

We could wash twice a week in the neighboring house. But if it was a lot of the laundry and we did not fall within two days, no one objected that we washed when washing machines were free.


When we talked to the administration about our rest, we were promised that bicycles, roller skates, scooters will be for children. And although they were there, but bicycles and scooters were broken, and the rollers skates were in finished off state. But, despite this, my children, who never stood on rollers skates, learnt to skate on these finished off one! So, if you want to have a rest in SOS-children’s village, you can take with you a bicycle, roller skates and a scooter, if you have them. All this can be kept in the house.

We are grateful to friendly and helpful staff, administration of SOS-children’s village for an opportunity to have a wonderful rest and to diversify the gray — home life! And we say all who is offered to have a rest in SOS-children’s village that it is possible and even necessary to go there!

f8522cfeaa4320160729_101907С 15 июля по 2 августа 2016 г. 2 многодетные семьи из ПО Московского р-на МГО ОО «БелАПДИиМИ» были на оздоровлении в SOS-детской деревне, которая находится в поселке Боровляны Минского р-на. И мамам, и детям отдых очень понравился, даже несмотря на то, что первые пару дней были дождливые и холодные!

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