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1. Office employees were busy preparing and organizing a recuperative holiday for families – members of BelAPDIiMI in the Lithuanian Republic on the basis of children’s camp PASAKA. 30 children and young people with mental disabilities and their parents from 9 regions of Belarus and Minsk had a holiday from 10 till 21 July 2011.

Volunteers organized various activities for the children during the day time. Parents could get legal and psychological support every day. For many parents this was the first time they could go on holiday outside their country with their children and their children had a chance to meet their peers (in Belarus there are still a lot of children who are educated at home).

Every day in the camp was special: The Day of Sport, The Day of Fashion, Auction, etc.

There were first nights of four new mini-plays performed by theatrical groups from various parts of Lithuania. A joint theatrical group led by a professional director prepared a play for the end of the stay in the camp.

Valentina Kazora, from Berezino (Minsk region):

The organization of the holiday and education in Lithuania produced an unforgettable impression on me and my child. We not only had a wonderful holiday, we learned a lot, our daughter found a lot of new friends with whom she spent wonderful time despite the language barrier.

We received a qualified consultation from a psychologist. We were greatly impressed by a variety of events: theatrical performances, fashion parade, sports events! And only smiling faces around us and friends who are ready to help at any moment.


2. BelAPDIiMI representatives (the chair, a member of the Central Council, a specialist social worker) took part in an educational trip to Poland (Lublin) from 18 till 22 July. The topic was “Training therapists who work with people with mental disorders from Belarus”. It is planned to disseminate the experience of the institutions where help is provided to disabled people through seminars and conferences in Belarus with the participation of the Polish colleagues.

3. Within the framework of the three projects which are being realized by BelAPDIiMI the following has been prepared and published in June and July:

— Brochure “Ordinary people” – a collection of articles about people with learning disabilities (intellectual deviations in their development);

— A collection of articles “The Right of disabled people to work and the ways of realizing this right”;

— Evaluation of the Project “Confidence and Success is Our Future”;

— A video about the festival of creative work of disabled children “Light up Your Star”.

All these materials are being disseminated in educational establishments, establishments of social care and health and among parents.

4. BelAPDIiMI’s lawyer consults families from all the regions of Belarus every day. In the main these are the questions connected with assignment and payment of state allowances to families; questions of providing pensions, their size and additional payments; questions connected with the provision of technical means of social rehabilitation

The work of the lawyer is the most required service that is provided by BelAPDIiMI to families caring after disabled children.

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