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Оздоровление в ДРОЦ «Надежда»

3d4e411d2840 In June, the project group «Chernobyl Children’s Project» from Bad Schwalbach city from Germany which has already been providing assistance in work with people with disabilities in the Slavgorod district during 18 years, once again has given an opportunity to children with disabilities, together with their parents, to get recovery on Vileyka reservoir.

Slavgorod primary organization of NGO «Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities» together with the State Educational Institution «Slavgorod district center for correctional and development training and rehabilitation» has implemented the project and two groups of children had a rest at the children’s rehabilitation and recuperation center “Nadezhda” during 22 days, one group – a father and a child, and the second one – a mother and a child.
The project aim – recuperation of children and young people with disabilities in the children’s rehabilitation and recuperation center «Nadezda». Funding of this project has already been providing by the German partners at the expense of charitable donations during four years.

16 families have got recovery at a wonderful place near Vileyka reservoir during 11 days. Fresh air, sunny weather, excellent living conditions and meal, staff’s care and attention helped not only to have a rest, but also to make new friends, to participate in activities. During eleven days fathers and mothers paid all their attention to children, visited variety circles with them, such as «Paper Fantasy», «Modeling», «Painting», also were engaged in games with their children in the playroom. During stay in the health resort not only children improved their health but also their parents, an excellent medical base — hydrotherapeutic procedures, speleo andphytotherapy, electroprocedures, massage contributed to it. This year there were two assistants in the group, thanks to it a father or a mother could easily go to procedures and leave their child with a caregiver.


There also were places where to spend free time — bicycle rides, various playing and sports equipment on the territory of the center, fishing at Vileyka reservoir — all made ineffaceable impressions. There also was time for joint picnic in the open air where parents together with children gathered branches, made a fire, sang a song to a guitar. At such moments, more than ever we realize that only together we can feel that we are not alone in our troubles, that there are people ready to help and support in difficult times.


On behalf of children and their parents we want to express our sincere gratitude to the German friends for a wonderful rest.славгород3В июне месяце проектная группа «Детям Чернобыля» г. Бад Швальбах из Германии, которая уже на протяжении 18 лет осуществляет поддержку в работе с людьми с ограниченными возможностями в Славгородском районе, в очередной раз дала возможность детям-инвалидам, вместе с родителями, пройти оздоровление на Вилейском водохранилище.

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