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Дом отдыха «ДРУЖБА»

Отдых детей с инвалидностью

Recreation for 13 families from Minsk, which look after children and young people with mental and physical disabilities, was organized in a picturesque place, not far from the reservoir Vyacha.

A group of 30 people (including healthy children) was resting in the holiday centre “Friendship” during 10 days. Such a recreation was possible thanks to the support, rendered by our partners from the foundation “Friends of BelAPDIiMI” (the Netherlands).

В живописном месте недалеко от в/х Вяча  проходил оздоровительный отдых для  13 семей из г. Минска, воспитывающих детей и молодых людей с  умственными и физическими ограничениями.

Отдых детей с инвалидностью

В течение 10 дней группа из 30 человек, в которую входили и вторые здоровые дети, отдыхали на базе отдыха «Дружба». Путевки оплатили наши партнеры из Нидерландов фонд «Друзья БелАПДИиМИ».
Условия в доме отдыха замечательные, а администрация старалась выполнить все наши просьбы.
Отдых был максимально активным, учитывая возможности каждого участника.

Продолжение статьи и фоторепортаж см. на форуме «Город друзей».
The holiday centre offers excellent conditions, the management of the centre tried to comply with all our requests. Active recreation and entertainment were organized, taking into account abilities of each participant.

Both youngsters and mothers did morning exercise every day. Spending this time together was so great! The weather was nice and youngsters went to the lake Vyacha with such a great pleasure. They bathed in the lake, basked in the sunshine and played outdoor games with parents. There are sports grounds both for small kids and adults in the territory of the centre. Children and their parents played football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and billiards, carried out sporting competitions.

There is a swimming pool in the holiday centre. Some children have never been to a swimming pool before. They were so enthusiastic about it. We made a fire almost every evening. We roasted bread, sausages, lard and other food. We went to the disco every evening. We also celebrated 2 birthdays! We congratulated youngsters whose birthday it was and made surprises for them.

Recuperation is a wonderful pastime, but recuperation with friends is absolute happiness.

We were not the only people resting in the centre. There were more than 70 other people. And we were especially glad that vacationers made friends with us. They even envied us, as we were organizing so many entertainment activities. We are thankful to our friends-partners from the Netherlands for giving our children opportunity of recuperation, for joy of communication. And we hope for further cooperation.

Elena Novik, chairperson of Minsk City Organization of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI”

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